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Well, it is true, very legitimate and real. I was recently introduced to a program (Quick Smart Program) which can help you build a targeted email list of business people and at the same time empower and guarantees to make you 1,000,000 in 6 months. Yes! you heard me right... One Million Naira in 6 months! Here is the catch... You will need to invest a token N5, 000 and apply all the strategies outlined in Phase 2 of the program. 
Once you set it up, it becomes money making machine on auto-pilot that floods your bank account with avalanches of N1, 000s while you are relaxing with your friends and family.

This program was operated with the U.S Dollar and the participation is just $20, but because you will need a PayPal account which Nigerians do not have access to, it has been a little bit modified and instead of using the U.S Dollar, we are using the Naira. Well, when my up line administered it in the beginning of March 2006 in Nigeria with a start up fee of N2, 000 (Now N5000) instead of $20... and boy he was glad he did. Check out below for his testimony:

The first week of participation was quite dull and full of questions from subscribers and by the third week I was blown away by my results. I made an incredible N43, 000 and I keep receiving several One thousand Naira bill in my Bank account, I believe in a little time from now, I will make that N1, 000,000 that the program promised. I was so excited by my results that I was practically telling everyone who knows me about the easiest way of making money from the internet here in Nigeria.
Adagbada Ebenezer,
.............................. .............................. ... ......
Below are more testimonials from foreigners who have benefited from the program:

Thanks to this profitable opportunity. I was approached many times before but each time I passed on it. I'm so glad I finally joined just to see what one could expect in return for minimal effort and money required. To my astonishment, I received a total $37,920 in 7 weeks with money still coming in.
A Hedland, Fort Lee,
New Jersey.                  

This program has been around for a while but I never believed in it. But one day when I received this again in the mail, I decided to gamble my $20 on it. I followed the simple instructions and Walaa... 2 weeks later, the money started coming in. The first month, I only made $580 but the next 2 months after that, I made a total of $42,890.. So far, in the past 6 months by re-entering the program, I have made over $102,000 and I'm playing it again. The key to success with this program is to follow the simple steps and NOT change anything.
Steven Caprio, Ontario,
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Are you excited? Let me tell you more about the Quick Smart program.
• It requires no Product or Website!
• You do not need to bother yourself about telling people!
• Once set up, people will come to you to register, not you going to people.
• It is 100% Legal.  

If you want to join my email list of people who are going to make thousand and millions using this program, there is no better time to join than Today and Now because I'm among the VERY first Nigerians to run this in Nigeria.

If you join today, there is the entire guarantee that you will hit it big in a little while from today. At the end of this message is Phase 1. Take your time to read it. Once you have acquainted yourself with PHASE 1, then you can get PHASE 2 by registering with N3, 000. PHASE 2 will teach you how to automate the program to start attracting people who will register from you instantly.

I welcome any questions regarding this program. To Your Online Success
Eze Smart.

Once you make your payment, send payment details to the site admin and notify me of your payment as well. Who says you can’t Make Money Online in Nigeria?


Do not join if you're looking for some 'magical secret key' to getting rich without working at all. ALL of the rich folks I know (all of them) either now or in the past worked their asses off for sometimes an extended period of time, encountering brutal, bloody failures for a time before 'getting it'. * Sort of like how any professional goes to school before they can actually make money, you'll have to learn some stuff too. If you aren't willing to learn now, don't join. People who join right now, thinking this is a lottery, are going to be sadly disappointed to learn that to get rich today, or ever, there's very little sitting on the couch, and watching re-runs of the Simpsons involved. While some people earn extraordinary amounts of money, some people make absolutely no money at all.

Here’s 12 Key Reasons Why This Opportunity Launching in Nigeria is the Perfect Opportunity For You!

  • Solid, well managed, 6 year old division of a 15 year old, global leader in its field with over $1.5 billion in sales to date! If you build it today, it will be here tomorrow, unlike many companies, especially new ones, which will be here today and gone tomorrow, taking your hopes and dreams with them!
  • Work with 2 legendary network marketing industry leaders and top earners who have more than 65 years of combined business, marketing, and sales experience, who’ve helped several companies to generate $1 billion or more in sales, had numerous people on their teams earn up to $1 million a year and more in income, and who will share with you the secrets that have made them millions of dollars during their careers!
  • Promote 2 award winning products, one named “Best Overall” product of its kind by The Men’s Journal magazine, and the other voted “2009 Product of the Year” in the U.S. by a leading fitness publication!
  • One of the few companies in the industry with independent human clinical studies which prove the products work and recommended by world renowned physicians like Dr. Mehmet Oz!
  • Free distributorship! No large financial risk!
  • Set your own hours and be your own boss!
  • Work from home! No storefront or office needed! No inventory to stock, no deliveries to make, no paperwork, and no employees!
  • Build a business in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, and more than 50 other countries around the world without leaving home or affecting your full time job!
  • No experience or special skills are needed!
  • Free training and support!
  • Make money 8 different ways, get paid weekly, plus qualify to win a new C-class Mercedes!
  • Perfect timing! You have the opportunity to pioneer this business' expansion into Nigeria, this business is targeting health and wellness, the next trillion dollar industry, and most importantly, they are about to enter its hyper-growth phase!

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